How to save money with a Kibono HSA

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What can I claim with a Kibono HSA?

Kibono offers unparalleled coverage of all CRA-eligible medical costs unlike highly restrictive traditional benefit plans.


Why thousands of small-businesses prefer HSAs over traditional plans

Health Spending Accounts offer employers complete control over the cost of an employee health plan using fixed-fee claims, eliminating the risk of rising annual insurance premiums often bundled with routine benefits under traditional plans.

Employees submitting routine claims such as dental or optical, not insurance claims like life or disability

Most claims are for routine expenses, not insurance

The majority of employees submit claims for routine Drug, Dental, Optical and Medical expenses such as massage and physiotherapy, not Life or Disability claims. Under a traditional plan, these routine claims artificially increase plan usage and ‘risk’.


Traditional plans bundle routine benefits with insurance to justify premium increases

Bundling often saves you money, but not when it comes to health insurance. Traditional plans combine routine benefits with insurance into a single premium to benefit them, not you.

This means any employee claim will increase plan usage and ‘risk’; often resulting in higher premiums upon renewal. Only insurance related claims such as Life and Disability should affect your insurance premium; not a routine dental check-up or a massage!

A representation of a group health plan combining routine expenses with insurance such as life or disability
Benefit claims like drug, dental, optical or health are separate from insurance claims like life insurance with Kibono HSA

Kibono separates benefits from insurance to eliminate premium increases

Since the majority of employee claims are for routine benefits, these are claimed through a Kibono HSA at a fixed-fee without impacting your insurance premiums. Purchasing health insurance such as Life or Disability separately will keep insurance premiums stable; unaffected by benefit claims forever.

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How much does a Kibono HSA cost?

Kibono only charges a low fixed-fee per claim. No claims means no fees! Use our pricing calculator to know exactly what you’ll pay.


$2.25 + 5.25%
per claim

How does Kibono compare to other HSA providers?

A Kibono Health Spending Account offers employers maximum value for an affordable fixed-fee per claim. No hidden fees or lock-in contracts.


Other HSAs
Setup Fee $0 $100
Admin Fee / Claim $2.25 + 5.25% up to 15%
Annual Fee $0 $250
Plan Change Fee $0 $5 / new employee
Account Funding Monthly or Prepaid Prepaid + Fee
Contract No lock-in 1 year lock-in

Frequently asked questions

What is a Health Spending Account?


A Kibono Health Spending Account – HSA – enables Canadian small-businesses to transform employee Drug, Dental, Optical and Medical expenses into tax-deductible claims. An HSA is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional group benefits plan as HSA claims have no impact on your insurance premium, unlike traditional health plans that bundle routine benefits with health insurance.

How does a Kibono HSA work?



A plus sign next to a racing flag representing getting started with Kibono

Setup your FREE Kibono HSAContact us  or self-sign up

Plus sign next to silhouette of a person representing new employees added to Kibono HSA

Add Employees & $ LimitsEasily prorate, suspend or rollover unused benefits

A dollar sign next to a calendar representing monthly billing for Kibono invoices

Monthly or PrepaidFlexible payment options


Document with a plus sign and a paper airplane showing submission of a new health claim

Submit ClaimFrom mobile or desktop

A document being inspected using a magnifying class representing claim review and approval by Kibono

Review & Approval24hrs or less

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Claim Reimbursement 24hrs or monthly* *Varies by Employer account type

Do I need health insurance with a Kibono HSA?


Although a Kibono HSA separates routine benefits from health insurance; you should not ignore insurance as it serves an important role in protecting you and your employees from catastrophic, unforseeable events. Kibono strongly recommends supplementing a Kibono HSA with health insurance for complete coverage.
Reminder: Insurance premiums are quoted independently and any routine benefit claims submitted through your Kibono HSA will have no impact on insurance premiums.

A father, mother and child walking next to a heart representing life insurance

Life Individual & Dependents

A person in an arm sling and a medical cross icon representing disability insurance

Disability Short & Long-Term

An ill patient in bed representing critical illness insurance

Critical Illness (Drug, Hospital, Travel)

Airplane ticket representing medical travel insurance

Medical Insurance(Drug, Hospital, Travel)

Am I eligible for an HSA?


Eligibility Requirements

Several employee icons and a dollar sign showing salaried employees

Salaried employees Your business T4 income

Multiple employees holding hands showing their mutual relation to each other such as family

Non-related Employees 50% or more Employees

A pair of headphones and question cloud to access Kibono help desk

Let us help! Confirm your eligibility with our specialistsContact us

Is a Health Spending Account tax-deductible in Canada?


Yes! A Kibono Health Spending Account – HSA – is 100% tax-deductible for a business and all employee claim reimbursements are received tax-free. This means for every dollar you, your employees and their families claim with a Kibono HSA can be used to reduce your taxable business income each year. This is more cost-effective than a traditional health plan where only the insurance premiums are tax-deductible, with an HSA the total claim amount plus any associated administration fees and government taxes charged by the HSA provider are 100% tax-deductible.

Are health benefits the same as health insurance in Canada?


No, they are completely different yet most Canadians conflate the two. Health benefits or extended benefits, relate to routine Drug, Dental, Optical and Medical expenses. Think prescription drugs, glasses, dental check-ups and massages. Health insurance refers to risk-based products purchased to protect oneself against unforseen catastrophic events such as Life, Disability, Critical Illness or Emergency Hospital & Travel insurance. This distinction is important because major insurers like to bundle extended benefits with insurance into a single premium to justify premium increases each year since any claim will raise your plan usage and perceived ‘risk’.

How does health insurance work in Canada?


All Canadians have access to universal health care under their provincial medical plan such as Ontario Health Insurance Plan – OHIP – for those residing in Ontario. This means any medical expense where your provincial health card is required for services is covered by the government. This includes but is not limited to visits to the doctor and to the hospital. Any other health related costs such as prescription drugs, dental, optical or medical expenses for routine procedures or items like dental cleanings, prescription eye glasses or physiotherapy is not covered by the government. Employers that offer employee group benefit plans often cover a very limited portion of the costs associated with these routine benefits. Only employers with a Health Spending Account like a Kibono HSA can cover 100% of all CRA-eligible Drug, Dental, Optical and Medical expenses for their employees.

What does a Health Spending Account cover in Canada?


A Kibono Health Spending Account – HSA – covers every personal medical expense deemed eligible by the Canada Revenue Agency, including prescription drug, dental, optical and medical costs. This list is far more extensive and flexible compared to extended-benefits offered by traditional group health plans which often restrict what you can claim and how much per visit. For example, a Kibono HSA covers pregnancy and fertility treatments such as IVF which is rarely covered by any traditional group health plans. With a Kibono HSA, you have a total annual balance offered by your employer to spend on any CRA-eligible medical expense you need, no matter how much each visit or item costs. View all HSA eligible claims using our table above!


Business owners love Kibono

“I highly recommend this excellent health plan! Kibono covers many things that my other plans do not and it’s super easy to submit my claims online. I also like that I’m reimbursed right away through my bank account. Whenever I have emailed them questions, I receive a helpful reply right away. They are always so friendly and professional. You’re doing a great job, guys!”

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Jen Waine
Admin Manager, GenWorx Power Systems

“Great concept and excellent execution. I love the product. It’s helped our employees get more out of the benefits we provide while making sure we maximize every benefit dollar we spend. Amazing portal, easy to use and our employees love it. Fantastic support as well. Go Kibono!”


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Sam Mendelsohn
COO, The Value Builder System

“We have been using Kibono to manage our company’s health benefits and insurance for about a year now. They are super responsive, helpful, able, and willing to spend time to make sure that your company has the benefits and insurance that you want.”

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Laura Sultan
CEO, Designs by Nature Gems

“Switching to Kibono HSA was a game-changer for our small business. We saved a significant amount of money by moving away from a traditional group benefit package. The pre-tax contributions and flexibility of the Kibono HSA allowed our employees to personalize their healthcare while reducing costs.”

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Russ Alexander
CEO, Anderson Consulting