Kibono [kee-bone-oh]

We created Kibono to empower small-business owners to take control over their employee health benefits and not let middlemen or brokers get in the way. We make health benefits accessible, simple to use and offer transparent pricing.

No nonsense. Just pay-per-claim health benefits.

Adam Niman

Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer
15+ year insurance industry veteran who is on a mission to remove barriers, add transparency and help small-business owners get the value they need without the burden that comes with traditional benefit plans offered by large insurers.

Justin Gravelle

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Ex PWC & Ex Amazon Web Services (AWS) Product and Strategy Leader with 10+ years of financial and technical expertise. Founder of 3 technology companies and the visionary for what is possible by leveraging cloud technology for customers.

Dale Niman

Head of Sales
Dale has cultivated strong relationships with his portfolio of enterprises; focusing on delivering value and transparency which represents Kibono at its core.