I just received my welcome email, how do I begin submitting claims to my Health Spending Account?

All instructions are included within your Kibono Welcome Email. Simply click ‘Activate Account’ and you will proceed through the account setup process. Please ensure you have a valid form of identification available for upload such as drivers license or passport as well as a valid debit card or bank account information so you can begin…

Which medical expenses and practitioners are eligible with a Health Spending Account?

A Kibono Health Spending Account covers all CRA-eligible medical expenses including prescription drugs, dental, orthodontics, glasses, laser-eye surgery, and extended medical costs from practitioners such as massage therapy or physiotherapy. Medical equipment such as surgical boots, prosthetics and CPAP machines are also eligible. For a complete list of all covered expenses click here

With a Kibono Health Spending Account can I claim amounts not covered under another insurance provider or by my spouse’s benefits plan?

Yes, a Kibono Health Spending Account allows you to claim the un-covered portion from another benefits plan as long as it is a CRA-eligible medical expense. However, you can not submit and receive reimbursement for the same claim under two different benefit plans. This is considered ‘double dipping’ and is fraudulent.

When will my claims be reimbursed for my Health Spending Account?

A Kibono Health Spending Account offers same-day claim approvals and reimbursements. All claims will be reviewed within 24hrs but reimbursement will depend upon the account type selected by your employer as well as the reimbursement method you have selected. You can find out when your claims will be reimbursed by checking the ‘Reimbursement Frequency’ on…